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Òpera Oberta

Òpera Oberta is an introductory course to opera which universities can offer exclusively to their own students, whatever degree course they may be enrolled in, after signing a cooperation agreement1 with the Liceu.

Universities include the course in their official curriculum. Students register for it during the same period as they register for other subjects. Credits are earned by those who successfully complete the course.

Registered students have access to the resources available on the portal opera-oberta.org, attend broadcasts of opera performances, and follow the course of instruction devised by the responsible faculty member in the light of his or her own criteria.

Òpera Oberta has more than ten years’ experience in broadcasting opera performances over higher education networks simultaneously to an average audience of 1300 students in more than forty European and Latin American universities. During the 2013-2014 academic year it will continue to pursue this vocation for the dissemination of culture to the university community by offering four operas with more extensive courseware to enhance the educational value of the programme.

The Liceu creates the audiovisual contents for the course and generates the signal that is transmitted to the university. It also offers technical support to coordinators, who are responsible for a technology processes. The operas are broadcast with English, Spanish and Catalan subtitles and teaching materials are posted in this portal. (Rights to the materials made available by the Liceu are subject to an educational, non-commercial licence.)

The Òpera Oberta calendars show the dates on which broadcasts take place and resources are made available within each of two time-frames, one lasting eight months (October – May) and the other four (February – May). Tutors schedule the course in their respective universities on the basis of these dates.

The Liceu is responsible for directing and coordinating Òpera Oberta and makes no charge to universities who include the course in their official curriculum.

[1] Cooperation agreement: All universities who offer the Òpera Oberta course must accept the conditions laid down in the cooperation agreement with the Fundació del Gran Teatre del Liceu. Interested universities should contact the Liceu to make the appropriate arrangements.